sorry We're not looking for donations right now!

We're a brand new organisation with a lot to cover before we start accepting donations.  However we're committed to ethical and transparent fundraising.  We plan to offer a selection of causes people can donate to, ensuring that your donation goes exactly where you feel it will make the most difference!

You'll get a receipt for your donation and if it is acceptable to you, your name will be published on our ledger of charitable kindness next to your cause.    If you don't feel comfortable sharing the amount you donated, your unique serial number will appear in the searchable ledger instead of your name. We'll make sure you can keep up to date with your cause on our social media pages so look out for regular updates and expect a big thank you!

Our staff don't plan on taking a cut from any of the donation's we receive, instead we plan on offering merchandise that both supports our causes and our staff. 

Thank you so much for looking and hopefully we'll have our donations page up and running soon!