So what's the Big Plan!?

We're really glad you asked!

We want to create the ultimate resource for fighting transphobia in the UK while also building one of the worlds largest community led Trans* support initiative's. 

So what does that mean? Well let's start at the beginning.

Right now we're starting off with a focus on building campaigns around Trans* Advocacy in Britain.  We hope that through these campaigns we can build a large support network and hopefully we might reach a few important LGBTQ+ advocates along the way.  We want to create a network of influencers who feel as strongly about Trans* rights as we do so that we can all work together to end Transphobia and build a fairer, brighter future for the Trans* Community.

We plan to create a powerful social media presence and hopefully have experts in the Trans* Advocacy sphere working with us to create an all hands on deck approach to ending Transphobia  and advancing Trans* rights. 

Then what?

After we have enough support we plan to begin rolling out our new features, slowly but surely.  We've been working on this plan for over a year, we had originally planned to launch our charitable organisation in 2020 but covid got in the way.  So here's a list of some of the things we hope to offer.

  • A support page.  We want to create an index of organisations that can help  you be the best you, you can be.  Whether it's finding the right doctor, looking for mental health support, Sexual health, where to shop, politicians who advocate for Trans* rights in your area, Trans* friendly hair dressers or barbers, Support groups, Facebook groups,  bathrooms, gyms, you name it, we'll be looking out for it and adding it to our support page.

  • A page dedicated to your rights, with a curated list of your rights as a transgender person in the UK with case law that back's these rights up and a list of resources on where you can find this information for yourself.

  • A page dedicated to combatting Transphobia.  A fully dedicated resource of research from reputable sources that prove's how wrong Transphobic talking points are with citations of course.

  • A Transgender News page.  We want to keep our community up to date on what's happening around the world!

  • A guide to being Trans*.  We want to create a resource for everything from coming out all the way up to sending your Trans* child off to University.  Whether you need to know how to change your name or get a GRC, talk to school about your trans* child or get your doctors appointment with a competent GP, we want you to be able to find solid answers from other Trans* people who've been there.  

  • A resource for workplaces and universities to learn about the trans community with support to find experts who can speak about Trans* rights in their area.  Whether it's for a workshop, a training seminar, friendly advice or even lecturing.

  • Finally, A Trans healthcare Initiative.  This is what started it all.  "I transitioned while I was a teenager and after that I pretty much planned on slipping away into society.  Trans People weren't that common and I decided to study media hoping to live a pretty ordinary life. Within a year the Trans rights movement came full swing and I began working at a gay bar.  While being a bartender was a fun University job what really struck me was the conversations I was having with people just like me.  I had a terrible time in my teens, I almost couldn't bare to look back but when I started talking to people across the bar I realised how much my community was struggling.  People would talk to me like I was their therapist, sometimes for hours about how hard life was just because they we're Trans*.  I knew how terrible my coming out had been and I was no stranger to the abuse we all face but something clicked and I realised none of this was getting any better.  Wait times were getting longer, the visibility our community had was making the media more hostile and the reality of being Trans* in Britain was starting to set in my mind.  So I quit my media course and started from the beginning, I went back to college to study Sociology and Psychology, I got into university and now I plan to become a gender therapist so that I can actively work to make our community better.  I became an activist.  I started giving talks about our community.  I started educating people about Trans* issues.  Eventually I want to open my own gender clinic linked to this Hub of community resources so that nobody ever has to do it alone again. Now I hope that with this campaign, with these resources and hopefully through making friends along the way we can all work together to do something amazing for our community." -Bonnie 


  2. This isn't all the work we hope to achieve, there's so much more we plan to use this platform for.  Whatever we do it will be community lead by Trans* people for Trans* people. If you have suggestions please give us a message on twitter and we can add it to our big binder full of ideas for making the world just a little bit easier for the Trans* community. 


  4. (And a little extra: [PROJECT P.U.G 2021].   This is our lovechild.  we started working on this invention over lockdown and we are absolutely dying to share it with the community.  I've been working so hard on this with my business partner in our spare time and I'm hoping it'll help us pay some staff if all goes to plan. Please stay posted for a new line of product's produced by us for the Trans community!